Vegan brownie cupcake scores with my omnivore family

Chocolate Cupcake Vegan

If you want to bake vegan cupcakes for non-vegans, you really need to own Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (affiliate link). Every recipe I’ve tried from this book so far has been amazing.

I was charged with making dessert for my parents’ birthday party. It was a small affair—hubby and I, my sister and her husband, my mom and dad. Still, my decision to make an animal-free dessert over a “normal” dessert has gotten mixed reviews in the past. Of course, that was several years ago now and my family has had more opportunities to learn that vegan desserts can taste just as rich and delicious as those made with animal ingredients. Especially if you’re making cupcakes from Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero’s book!

Pictured above is the “Brooklyn Brownie Cupcakes,” which I topped with walnuts and a piece of Chocolove’s Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate Bar. Definitely a chocolate lover’s dream. Very, very rich. And quite irresistible. Because the recipe makes more than a dozen cupcakes, hubby taste-tested these (three of them!) before we left for the party. The birthday boy and girl also took “seconds” home with them. I think it’s safe to say these cupcakes were a winner!

Have you served a vegan dessert? What did you make and how did it go over with the omni-crowd?

A very vegetarian birthday!

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, but I’ve been slacking on cooking while I celebrated my birthday! ;D  Hubby treated me to a Baja Fresh dinner and margaritas on Friday evening before catching up on our Rockband 2 play on the Wii.

Yesterday, my awesome mom prepared a mostly vegan Mexican feast for everyone as we celebrated my birth!


She made a Mexican-inspired hummus from a past issue of Vegetarian Times magazine, which she served in her adorable penguin dish!


She also made a creamy black bean salsa recipe that she found in Vegetarian Times magazine, which was a HIT with the omnis… this bowl was practically licked clean by the end of the night!


For the main course, my mom made the baked vegan taco ring that I love, along with cheesy bean enchiladas and Spanish rice!

vegan cheesecake cups

Vegan cheescake cups... all dolled up!

My mom also attemped a vegan cheesecake cup recipe and borrowed some agar flakes from me to make it.  To her disappointment, they didn’t firm up at all and instead had the consistency of melted ice cream… which was still absolutely yummy!  My mom was really bummed but I still loved them.  I mostly loved her effort to make this a completely vegetarian meal for me.  Last year she served meat along with a vegetarian option, but I’m so proud of her for going completely veg for me this year.  I love you, Mom!

I consider myself to be soooooooo blessed that my family is supportive of my food choices.  They got me awesome veg gifts, too… the cookbooks Go Dairy Free and How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, along with some CDs, Wii games and a 24-count cupcake tote!  Now I can bake some cupcakes and take them into work to share with my coworkers!!!  Woohoo! :-D